February 18, 2010


elo elo!!
i'm back!!haha..after approximately 6 months??goshh..that's long..
sorry to all those who've been complaining about hw dead my blog is..i just lost the interest in vomiting out my thoughts to no one in particular. anywayy here i am trying to bring back some life to my beloved blog. just a small spark for now. don't wanna get it all lively and crazy and then just kill it with a "BANG" again..tht wud make it feel so sad..
so so..im only blogging now cos im having 1 week of hols..wheeee!!=D happy happy!!very happy!!
no school no hmwk NO CHEMISTRY no MATHS no MATHS teacher no MUET no MUET teacher no PA TEACHER no zombified classmates no hooligans no racism no barbarians no smelly canteen no going home at 5.30pm everyday no waking up at 5.30am everyday no going late 2 school no yelling at unit members no seeing ppl i dont wish to see...ALL FOR A WEEK!!PHEEEEEWWWWWW!!
but i do miss certain things too..
miss talking to yiwen every morning and evening in the car about randomn everything miss laughing in class with kai teng miss bullying the lesbians miss crappin wth the monitor miss singing in the bio lab miss bananas miss being sarcastic with some ppl miss disturbing joshua miss the outstanding sch building miss jocelyn's camera miss my unit members miss yelling at them and finally miss asking kamles to shaddap!=D
SCHOOL..an institution where kids wear uniforms just to hide their true colours and learn worldy knowledge which only creates materialistic humans.