August 9, 2009

it's been a while.

okayy..haven't been updating my blog..well..cos i actually have the time which im suppose to not have but that time is used to sleep instead. so in time!
a lot has happened in the last 2 weeks. not in the mood to blog bout everything so let me make this post a calender or a journal or whatever lahh..


LTC 2009
venue: ACS Ipoh
date: 24the to 26th July
remarks: it was a torturous camp which i enjoyed. did things i never expected i wud do. will upload the pictures when i'm free. but most of it is already on facebook.
outcome: terrible muscle ache and terribly burned under the radiant heat of the sun!

Tevindran's tragic death
well.. only got to know this guy 2 months ago..and it's always a joy to have him around. he and his craziness. had to compete with him in a fashion show just to get his signature during signature hunt.always says something just to make me mad. haiihh..and just 3 days after LTC he met with an accident and passed away. the whole school was in sorrow. couldn't take it in at first but then remembered what swami said about how death is a part of life. we must learn to accept that everything happens according to HIS plans. so.. live life to the fullest cos we never know when it's our turn!went for his funeral with all the other prefects. i shouldn't be saying this but i was kinda excited to be somewhere else when school was on.=p

Weekend At North
date: 1st and 2nd August
it was planned weeks ago to have this weekend spent with all the family members including my two BILS north. but unfortunately my 2nd BIL was admitted into the hospital. so he and my 2nd sis who had to take care of him had to be excused from the holiday. poor thing. shud have seen their faces cos they were the ones who planned it all. went to penang. basically all we did was eat..and take pictures..i was the model for anukah's shots....and visited the beach which was no longer said penang was sinking..and FOR ONCE.. we din visit any of our relatives..=)...oh..took more pictures..ate..and that was my wonderful weekend.
outcome: nice shots of me!=)..oh and a tummy!=(

date: 5th August
ACS broke yet another record by creating the largest logo made out of tin cans!=D..hurray!
it rained at first..sorta like a blessing..really!cos the cans looked nicer with the gleam..=)
un vijay was one of the VIP. had a good laugh with dad when i told him that. LOL. and so yeah..i'm proud of ACS..for once!
outcome: i caused an argument at school..=(.. and i had an argument with theeran who stole the pictures i took..

this weekend..did nothing much..studied a lil..did maths a lil..ate a lil..uhmm..not really...=p