July 19, 2009

life's 360 degrees turn!

i was lying on my bed this afternoon thinking about how life has changed so much ever since i turned 18. well more like ever since i stepped into ACS to do my sixth form. what i mean by change is basically everything. the people around me, the environment, ME myself!
some of it changed in a good way and some in a not so good way. but these changes in life made me realize something. that the one who's behind all this, the one who's directing my life makes it all happen FOR A REASON. they are for NOTHING ELSE but to make me someone stronger inside and out. i may not feel all that comfortable with the friends i have now in school because they are not at all like the people i usually hang out with..but i think it's for the best. as my sisters and my parents keep reminding me again and again..form 6 is no joke. it's the stepping stone to where i wanna head in life. it's a place to mature and now pondering upon all this make me feel grateful to have friends i have now. friends who can help me grow mentally and family who help grow spiritually. there are many things that i had to sacrifice earlier and i'm glad i did or else i wouldn't be where i am now. i've got a LONG LONG journey full of challenges awaiting ahead but knowing that i have YOU by my side to guide me makes it feel so light and worthy. thank you swami for bringing this change. it's hard but like you always say
"happiness has no values in the absence of difficulties."=)

July 13, 2009


didnt have R&D today. so..went for lunch after school with the 6RB gang and joshua and kay lynn at some restaurant in old town. had a really good time with them. decided on changing my group's empire from Roman to Egyptian. more interesting. pharaohs and tombs!wheee!! went jusco with mom and shopped just now. having the most terrible cough ever!I CANT BREATHE!!!!=(

oh..brother heng..im gonna miss u after u leave to 6RS!=(

July 12, 2009

ACS way better??

yi wen fetched me yesterday. we were both dreading to go back to mgs and we were so close to turning back and going for breakfast a couple of times.=p and we forgot the way too.
yes i met a couple of friends whom i havent met in ages but speech day was a still total bore!the one in ACS the day before was so much better.navin, yi wen and me were planning to make the great escape but was angrily shoo-ed back into the hall by CCL. ishh..
thank god i brought KITKAT BITES!=). took lotsa pictures which i have posted on facebook.

oh..i was suppose to get an award for SPM 8As and an award from PTA for history. but unfortunately wonderful people of MGS FORGOT to include my name under the 8As award!so..i didnt get my cert and my RM40.=(. gave my name to sausage lips though. hope she calls soon!

wen for breakfast with kai teng, sook mun and mindy in jusco. was feeling a little left out but i had good food. so who cares??

that evening went for bhajan at SMC. was a really good bhajan but i was freaking tired. my middle finger has a blister.=(. got a lot of weird stares from weird people. .dad came to fetch me back after he and mom wet to watch transformers. i know. my parents are so cool!=). dad wanted to have dinner at ASSAM HOUSE. but it was close. so we went to MP instead as it was just nearby. it wasnt a happy dinner at all. their service was utter rubbish. they took 30 minutes to bring our drink. 45 minutes to bring my food. and 1 bloody hour to bring dad's. gosh..he was bloody pissed. after complaining for like a million times..and just when he was gonna ask for the bill, they brought his fish and chips which didnt even taste good. never going there again!

July 10, 2009

exhaustion PART 2!!


went to school early to discuss about LTC with group mates. oh they re-shuffled our groups yesterday. so now im in group 6 as the leader. have shalini and mei kuan and 4 other boys in my group. was satisfied at first. but that was before we had the discussion which turned out to be a debate which got into an argument.
wanted to stick with my Bruce Lee and Kug Fu Panda plan but shalini wanted THE JOKER instead. so i agreed. then she got REALLLLYYY ANNOYING when she wanted the name of the group and also the symbol to be THE JOKER!helo???we were suppose to just represent him.that doesnt mean everything has to be HIM!like so lame nie..i came up with a different idea and she was like NO!bla bla bla..a couple of times when i said something..everyone went YES and she...NO again!!ishhh..but i still won in the end!=)
but i was really pissed yesterday lerr..felt like throwing things at her!and then this morning THANK GOD saravanan said that they were changing the theme. so bye bye JOKER! the new theme is empire/dynasty.

did experiment with potatoes for bio today. felt like we were making fries. my 'best friend' came to school today. tried my very hardest to ignore. then afer school i was hunting for a blazer but all was taken. so i was stuck with pei qin's HUGE blazer. mom came after school to fetch me to get black shoes.stupid Speech Day started at 2.30.ended at 5.30. was standing for 3 whole hours. the only good part about the whole ceremony was that i looked good in the full prefect's uniform.=p.

dead tired!i din even have breakfast nor lunch today. was extremely hungry by the time the whole thing ended!we were invited for tea but uhmmm..we didnt go..would be really weird to join old people who talk A LOT for tea!
my legs hurt. my buttocks hurt. my arms hurt from carrying the trays.
need sleeeeepppppp!!!

July 5, 2009


*cough cough cough*

haiihh..it's still not any better..it's been a week and ive gone to see the doctor twice!
anyway..my 2nd sister came down with my grandma..too bad my BIL cudnt come..he's in US now!jealousnye..
we didnt do much actually..but having her around was good enough. went for bhajan saturday night. rushed back home after bhajan got changed rushed to jusco rushed to get tickets for Transformers. un-rushed everything when there was no ticket.=(
everything was SOLD OUT! i cant belive it..the movie has been playing for a week and we still couldnt get a bloody ticket. so we got ticket for the 1.30pm show the next day. that also two separate seats. it didnt matter though. WE WERE DESPERATE! then on the way back home we were listening to MJ songs and singing ALOUD in the car. headbanging while speeding on the road.=p.sat and chose pictures of the wedding and dinner that should be printed.
woke up late this morning. didnt go for the BB sports carnival. one reason cos it was raining so i thought it was canceled. basically that was just an excuse i created cos i didnt wanna go cos i didnt have my BB shirt.and also cos i had to watch Transformers at 1.30. ate one and a half packet of nasi lemak for breakfast!first time!!woooooo!!ate rice again for lunch before going for movie.FAT d..=(.. rushed to jusco again. coudnt find parking at all. went round and round and finally did an illegal parking.

watched Transformers!!



oh since we were seating separately we were texting each other about the movie..=p
came back home and went for TY class. was boring as usual. lepak at wooleys kejap before coming home. and u know what im gonna say now. my same ending sentence for every blog i post!