June 30, 2009

so not my day!

drove to school for the first time today.=).
thought id be early to collect a few signatures but i actually reached just a LITTLE earlier than my normal time.
after assembly we went to the auditorium to watch the sketch by the lower sixes. theme of the week "go green with english"..i like!=p..
7 of them from my class took part. more like were forced to take part. actors and actresses of 6RE: heok lyn, eugene, shalini, joshua, mei kuan, tracy and yi shian. they had to act out a scene given by another class. they did okayy..something about a girl being forced to do abortion by her boyfriend who had a drug-addict dad and a pub-singer mom. very lame but i HAD A GOOD LAUGH. the winner will be announced next Monday during assembly.

during recess there was some misunderstanding between a Chinese and a Malay dude in the canteen. they were soo close to bashing each other up but the prefects came just in time to stop them..=(.always wanted to watch students fight in school 'LIVE'. have only seen it on YOUTUBE so far.

after recess, went back to class and tried writing an essay for MUET. wrote a line and gave up. didn't have inspiration at all! then reminded Joshua about something that he was suppose to tell me last week. he coudnt remember at first but after he did, i wished he didnt. haiihhh..he told me something which really made me upset and kinda made me gloomy for the rest of the day. i think it's really unfair when people judge you by just one wrong act or one mistake you've done. i mean you can only judge someone when you know the person like the back of your hands right??haiihh..sad case lahh..

almost fell asleep during maths. wen to the loo twice during maths. stupid bladder of mine. got a few signatures after school. have 23 now.=). thursday's the last day. hope to get at least 40 to avoid being brutally tortured during LTC. haiihhh..LTC used to be so fun back in MGS. used to be something we always look forward to. and now im dreading it.gotta go complete my pile of delayed maths homework.haiihhh..=(

LTC 08'

miss those times..miss my friends..miss mgs!haiihhh..

June 29, 2009

hunt them down!

the day started terribly. i went into the PR a little late. saravanan was questioning ppl about what they've learned so far. then suddenly he dropped a bomb by saying that tomorrow he wants everyone to have at least 20 to 30 signatures at least. and of course shock wavered all over my face cos i only have like 2 so far??and he saw my expression and called me to the front. he asked for my signature hunt book to check and see how many have i got so far. "i'm so bloody screwed" was the only thing running in my head cos i didnt have my book with me. it was with kiran. so i told saravanan i didnt have my book..it was with someone else..i was so embarrassed as i was being watched by so many ppl that when he asked who was having the book i blurted out kiran's name..im so sorry weyhh..and of cos saravanan gave a lecture saying that it was my responsibility..bla bla..so right after assembly i got back my book!!
oh talking about assembly..


and the whole day i went crayzeeeee getting signatures. oh i forgot to mention..saravanan said that if we didnt have at least 20 to 30 signatures by tomoro we'll get suspended..so yeah..i went GILA!
i got 15 today..that makes my total 17!yipeeee!!not bad eh??some i got for free..some i had to do stupid things..like for instance..i had to propose to weng kit who happily said okay!!haha..and then i had to sing for aaron when i was so close to losing my voice cos of my bloody sore throat. and oh..the best one was when i did a fashion show competition with thevindran. he said he'd only give me his signature if i got more votes than him.well we had audience..=p..it was really funny cos he came up with all this weird gay poses and i was suppose to come up with something better. was laughing half the time..but yeah.i still got my signature!!=)
gonna drive to school tomoro morning cos have to go early to do some stuffs.
pray that i reach safely!=)

June 28, 2009



June 27, 2009

HOT day with NOT SO HOT parents!

was early for school today. like every other morning..went for tour around the school with Krizun and the other probationers.

did experiment with onions during bio today.
peeled onions.
cut onions.
played ping pong with our onions!
smelled like onions!

had to become ushers for the parents who were coming to collect their child's report card. i used to hate it whenever this day comes but thank god this year takde! was placed at the upper 6 block. was tiring but it wasnt as bad as the ones in the field. they were burning!!
my so called ADIK, Kiran was accompanying me while i was on duty. he's such a BRAT cos he was disturbing everyone who passed by. pretended i didnt know him everytime he did that. oh..Mohamad Affandi storied me his family history today - he's a chindian. and he talked and talked and talked. and apparently i look EXACTLY like this upper 6 girl in his class. weird. and he has this mission he wants to accomplish someday. he wants to see us both hug.=_=

waited for dad for half an hour. thank god kiran was there to annoy me so i didnt feel bored. =)
and oh..he likes pink too!

here are some of the good shots ive taken.=p

this because it looks sooooo good..=p

passion for add maths..=)


my beauty

some gorgeous building in penang.

i miss penang food..

June 26, 2009


im tired.

i was incredibly wrong to think that i would actually have time to update my blog constantly. how can i find time to vomit out whatever that's in my head when i cant even find time to play with sunny (my Labrador).

haihhh..it has been a crayzzzeeee week especially with school ending at 3.40PM everyday..well..almost everyday. but that's not the point! cant THEY(the screwed up government) understand that we are just students who need time to do other stuffs besides spending 3/4 of the day at school???

im tired.

i havent even started doing my revision for any of my subjects due to the lack of time crisis. and that only dawned upon me when my genius classmate, Joshua started asking me questions on bio( we were suppose to be revising). but of course i couldnt answer anything because i havent really scrutinized my bio book...so it became a tutoring session instead.

im tired.

ohh..i got my 1st two signatures for FREEE today!! around 40 left to go??=(..not really that keen on getting signatures actually..
no 1 - its a waste of time.
no 2 - we're wasting papers..meaning KILLING MORE TRESS!!
no 3 - i dont beg.=)
so...gonna take it slow and easy..

im tired.

went for voyager interview after school today. 2nd one to be interviewed. it wasnt that bad. i was given a task by the english and photography department. im suppose to bring one best shot ive taken to show them. and for english pulak..i actually have to WRITE A POEM FOR KRIZUN!!!=s..goshh..i swear i have no idea what to write..i mean i barely know him...HELP!!

im tired.

overslept this afternoon and missed maths tuition. GREAT! haiihh..im digging my own grave here..just took cough mixture cos my throat's being a pain!feeling dizzy now. esok ada sekolah..haiihhh..off to bed!!

June 17, 2009

The Beginning

hmmm..decided yesterday that i should probably start blogging again.soo... here i am!!=)

today has been a rather interesting day.well..everyday is if you are in ACS!!
so yeah..it started off with me waking up at 5am to do my maths homework which i failed to complete AGAIN!!hate the fact that i am a procrastinator.=(. have got to do something about that cos obviously it cannot go on like this right??

yi wen didn't drive today cos her car became a music machine so her dad sent us.

and we had to register for our extra curricular activities today. joined BB and then..joined ELDS and took an application form to join the Voyager Board and oh joined badminton as well.
and so..because of the registration, we missed ANOTHER PA lesson this week.ishh!
thank god Mr.Karu, my PA tuition teacher is really good!

chemistry was utter rubbish as my titration failed THREE times!!well..the 1st two times were because my wonderful teacher made a mistake with the labeling of the solutions.it was really funny in the beginning when me and kai teng kept adding phenolphthalein but the solution never turned pink!so we actually thought the solution was contaminated but then realised everyone faced the same problem as well!so yeahh..gone wrong there..the 3rd time was because i was too frustrated with the fact that i had to do it again and it took so much of time.and oh..kai teng broke a pipette!!haha..poor thing..she had to pay rm5.

and oh, i forgot to mention the most important incident of the day.i came home after school to find my dog, bharath lying motionless on the ground.of cos i freaked out!!he was out the whole night last night god knows doing what and only came home this morning with a wounded leg. so..to cut long story short..i used my bandaging skills i learned from st.johns and a little experience i got from working at the vet during the holidays to fix my old horny dog's leg!but yeah..im glad he's okay..cos for a moment i thought he was gonna die and started tearing..=p

gotta go do more maths now!!