September 4, 2009


what a day it has no..let me rephrase that..what a week it has been!
havent updated my blog in a long long time..
hmmm..let me start with the Prefect's AGM 2009 pictures.

well...AGM went well..they announced the new board of excos for 09/10..and uhmm..i made it as the UD1 aka..Mommy??=p
so that was about AGM which was before the holidays..

hols were pretty boring..most of the time i had to go for debate training..twice at was AWESOME!learned alot of social skills..=D

sisters and BIILYs came down for the weekend for shaminika's traditional baby shower..had a good time with them..=)

then school started again and it was my first week as the UD..uhmm..thank god it rained on the first no duties..but the 2nd day was a mess..we lacked of prefects..imagine having only 13 prefects to do ground duty for form 5, lower 6 and upper 6!mana cukup??but somehow today things were under control..and uhmm..thr was a reshuffling of prefects as unit 3 had too many form 3 content with my new unit members..just hope they will SHINE and uhmmm...SHINE!!=)

went to Olympia college for the draw today..we were the noisiest group of ppl many of the Sai uncles were had to behave myself..and we'll be going against Olympia College next tues..hmmm..hope we make it to the finals lerr..tomoro will be going to the Batu Gajah home for community's a compulsory requirement for all debaters..heard the place is in a TERRIBLE condition..will sure blog about it.till then...Chioww!