July 12, 2009

ACS way better??

yi wen fetched me yesterday. we were both dreading to go back to mgs and we were so close to turning back and going for breakfast a couple of times.=p and we forgot the way too.
yes i met a couple of friends whom i havent met in ages but speech day was a still total bore!the one in ACS the day before was so much better.navin, yi wen and me were planning to make the great escape but was angrily shoo-ed back into the hall by CCL. ishh..
thank god i brought KITKAT BITES!=). took lotsa pictures which i have posted on facebook.

oh..i was suppose to get an award for SPM 8As and an award from PTA for history. but unfortunately wonderful people of MGS FORGOT to include my name under the 8As award!so..i didnt get my cert and my RM40.=(. gave my name to sausage lips though. hope she calls soon!

wen for breakfast with kai teng, sook mun and mindy in jusco. was feeling a little left out but i had good food. so who cares??

that evening went for bhajan at SMC. was a really good bhajan but i was freaking tired. my middle finger has a blister.=(. got a lot of weird stares from weird people. .dad came to fetch me back after he and mom wet to watch transformers. i know. my parents are so cool!=). dad wanted to have dinner at ASSAM HOUSE. but it was close. so we went to MP instead as it was just nearby. it wasnt a happy dinner at all. their service was utter rubbish. they took 30 minutes to bring our drink. 45 minutes to bring my food. and 1 bloody hour to bring dad's. gosh..he was bloody pissed. after complaining for like a million times..and just when he was gonna ask for the bill, they brought his fish and chips which didnt even taste good. never going there again!

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