July 19, 2009

life's 360 degrees turn!

i was lying on my bed this afternoon thinking about how life has changed so much ever since i turned 18. well more like ever since i stepped into ACS to do my sixth form. what i mean by change is basically everything. the people around me, the environment, ME myself!
some of it changed in a good way and some in a not so good way. but these changes in life made me realize something. that the one who's behind all this, the one who's directing my life makes it all happen FOR A REASON. they are for NOTHING ELSE but to make me someone stronger inside and out. i may not feel all that comfortable with the friends i have now in school because they are not at all like the people i usually hang out with..but i think it's for the best. as my sisters and my parents keep reminding me again and again..form 6 is no joke. it's the stepping stone to where i wanna head in life. it's a place to mature and now pondering upon all this make me feel grateful to have friends i have now. friends who can help me grow mentally and family who help grow spiritually. there are many things that i had to sacrifice earlier and i'm glad i did or else i wouldn't be where i am now. i've got a LONG LONG journey full of challenges awaiting ahead but knowing that i have YOU by my side to guide me makes it feel so light and worthy. thank you swami for bringing this change. it's hard but like you always say
"happiness has no values in the absence of difficulties."=)