February 18, 2010


elo elo!!
i'm back!!haha..after approximately 6 months??goshh..that's long..
sorry to all those who've been complaining about hw dead my blog is..i just lost the interest in vomiting out my thoughts to no one in particular. anywayy here i am trying to bring back some life to my beloved blog. just a small spark for now. don't wanna get it all lively and crazy and then just kill it with a "BANG" again..tht wud make it feel so sad..
so so..im only blogging now cos im having 1 week of hols..wheeee!!=D happy happy!!very happy!!
no school no hmwk NO CHEMISTRY no MATHS no MATHS teacher no MUET no MUET teacher no PA TEACHER no zombified classmates no hooligans no racism no barbarians no smelly canteen no going home at 5.30pm everyday no waking up at 5.30am everyday no going late 2 school no yelling at unit members no seeing ppl i dont wish to see...ALL FOR A WEEK!!PHEEEEEWWWWWW!!
but i do miss certain things too..
miss talking to yiwen every morning and evening in the car about randomn everything miss laughing in class with kai teng miss bullying the lesbians miss crappin wth the monitor miss singing in the bio lab miss bananas miss being sarcastic with some ppl miss disturbing joshua miss the outstanding sch building miss jocelyn's camera miss my unit members miss yelling at them and finally miss asking kamles to shaddap!=D
SCHOOL..an institution where kids wear uniforms just to hide their true colours and learn worldy knowledge which only creates materialistic humans.

November 3, 2009


gosh..has it been months or what??im finally updating my blog..and that too in school..next to kai teng!!wheeeee!!!so uhmm..let's see..i really need to update on debate and all that has happened in the last two months..but not now..MALAS!!!=p
so..kai teng!buat apa??
aku mahu log in facebook la..
ya kah??saya mengantuk dan lapar lahh..want MCD NUGGETS!!!!!!!!!!
yesterday didnt wanna go. now balasan already!
so mean..=[
not only you...recess is near!!
but recess got hooligans and barbarians ni..where got nice food summre??
tak mau jadi prefect!
wokay!sekarang CHIAOOO!!

the green is written by kai teng!

September 4, 2009


what a day it has been..no no..let me rephrase that..what a week it has been!
havent updated my blog in a long long time..
hmmm..let me start with the Prefect's AGM 2009 pictures.

well...AGM went well..they announced the new board of excos for 09/10..and uhmm..i made it as the UD1 aka..Mommy??=p
so that was about AGM which was before the holidays..

hols were pretty boring..most of the time i had to go for debate training..twice at pologrounds..it was AWESOME!learned alot of social skills..=D

sisters and BIILYs came down for the weekend for shaminika's traditional baby shower..had a good time with them..=)

then school started again and it was my first week as the UD..uhmm..thank god it rained on the first day..so no duties..but the 2nd day was a mess..we lacked of prefects..imagine having only 13 prefects to do ground duty for form 5, lower 6 and upper 6!mana cukup??but somehow today things were under control..and uhmm..thr was a reshuffling of prefects as unit 3 had too many form 3 probs..well..im content with my new unit members..just hope they will SHINE and uhmmm...SHINE!!=)

went to Olympia college for the draw today..we were the noisiest group of ppl thr..=p..so many of the Sai uncles were there..so had to behave myself..and we'll be going against Olympia College next tues..hmmm..hope we make it to the finals lerr..tomoro will be going to the Batu Gajah home for community service..it's a compulsory requirement for all debaters..heard the place is in a TERRIBLE condition..will sure blog about it.till then...Chioww!

August 9, 2009

it's been a while.

okayy..haven't been updating my blog..well..cos i actually have the time which im suppose to not have but that time is used to sleep instead. so in conclusion..no time!
a lot has happened in the last 2 weeks. not in the mood to blog bout everything so let me make this post a calender or a journal or whatever lahh..


LTC 2009
venue: ACS Ipoh
date: 24the to 26th July
remarks: it was a torturous camp which i enjoyed. did things i never expected i wud do. will upload the pictures when i'm free. but most of it is already on facebook.
outcome: terrible muscle ache and terribly burned under the radiant heat of the sun!

Tevindran's tragic death
well.. only got to know this guy 2 months ago..and it's always a joy to have him around. he and his craziness. had to compete with him in a fashion show just to get his signature during signature hunt.always says something just to make me mad. haiihh..and just 3 days after LTC he met with an accident and passed away. the whole school was in sorrow. couldn't take it in at first but then remembered what swami said about how death is a part of life. we must learn to accept that everything happens according to HIS plans. so.. live life to the fullest cos we never know when it's our turn!went for his funeral with all the other prefects. i shouldn't be saying this but i was kinda excited to be somewhere else when school was on.=p

Weekend At North
date: 1st and 2nd August
it was planned weeks ago to have this weekend spent with all the family members including my two BILS north. but unfortunately my 2nd BIL was admitted into the hospital. so he and my 2nd sis who had to take care of him had to be excused from the holiday. poor thing. shud have seen their faces cos they were the ones who planned it all. went to penang. basically all we did was eat..and take pictures..i was the model for anukah's shots....and visited the beach which was no longer there..dad said penang was sinking..and FOR ONCE.. we din visit any of our relatives..=)...oh..took more pictures..ate..and that was my wonderful weekend.
outcome: nice shots of me!=)..oh and a tummy!=(

date: 5th August
ACS broke yet another record by creating the largest logo made out of tin cans!=D..hurray!
it rained at first..sorta like a blessing..really!cos the cans looked nicer with the gleam..=)
un vijay was one of the VIP. had a good laugh with dad when i told him that. LOL. and so yeah..i'm proud of ACS..for once!
outcome: i caused an argument at school..=(.. and i had an argument with theeran who stole the pictures i took..

this weekend..did nothing much..studied a lil..did maths a lil..ate a lil..uhmm..not really...=p

July 19, 2009

life's 360 degrees turn!

i was lying on my bed this afternoon thinking about how life has changed so much ever since i turned 18. well more like ever since i stepped into ACS to do my sixth form. what i mean by change is basically everything. the people around me, the environment, ME myself!
some of it changed in a good way and some in a not so good way. but these changes in life made me realize something. that the one who's behind all this, the one who's directing my life makes it all happen FOR A REASON. they are for NOTHING ELSE but to make me someone stronger inside and out. i may not feel all that comfortable with the friends i have now in school because they are not at all like the people i usually hang out with..but i think it's for the best. as my sisters and my parents keep reminding me again and again..form 6 is no joke. it's the stepping stone to where i wanna head in life. it's a place to mature and now pondering upon all this make me feel grateful to have friends i have now. friends who can help me grow mentally and family who help grow spiritually. there are many things that i had to sacrifice earlier and i'm glad i did or else i wouldn't be where i am now. i've got a LONG LONG journey full of challenges awaiting ahead but knowing that i have YOU by my side to guide me makes it feel so light and worthy. thank you swami for bringing this change. it's hard but like you always say
"happiness has no values in the absence of difficulties."=)

July 13, 2009


didnt have R&D today. so..went for lunch after school with the 6RB gang and joshua and kay lynn at some restaurant in old town. had a really good time with them. decided on changing my group's empire from Roman to Egyptian. more interesting. pharaohs and tombs!wheee!! went jusco with mom and shopped just now. having the most terrible cough ever!I CANT BREATHE!!!!=(

oh..brother heng..im gonna miss u after u leave to 6RS!=(

July 12, 2009

ACS way better??

yi wen fetched me yesterday. we were both dreading to go back to mgs and we were so close to turning back and going for breakfast a couple of times.=p and we forgot the way too.
yes i met a couple of friends whom i havent met in ages but speech day was a still total bore!the one in ACS the day before was so much better.navin, yi wen and me were planning to make the great escape but was angrily shoo-ed back into the hall by CCL. ishh..
thank god i brought KITKAT BITES!=). took lotsa pictures which i have posted on facebook.

oh..i was suppose to get an award for SPM 8As and an award from PTA for history. but unfortunately wonderful people of MGS FORGOT to include my name under the 8As award!so..i didnt get my cert and my RM40.=(. gave my name to sausage lips though. hope she calls soon!

wen for breakfast with kai teng, sook mun and mindy in jusco. was feeling a little left out but i had good food. so who cares??

that evening went for bhajan at SMC. was a really good bhajan but i was freaking tired. my middle finger has a blister.=(. got a lot of weird stares from weird people. .dad came to fetch me back after he and mom wet to watch transformers. i know. my parents are so cool!=). dad wanted to have dinner at ASSAM HOUSE. but it was close. so we went to MP instead as it was just nearby. it wasnt a happy dinner at all. their service was utter rubbish. they took 30 minutes to bring our drink. 45 minutes to bring my food. and 1 bloody hour to bring dad's. gosh..he was bloody pissed. after complaining for like a million times..and just when he was gonna ask for the bill, they brought his fish and chips which didnt even taste good. never going there again!